Cycle 1
Name Entry Exit      
Ashleigh Day 1     
Clark Day 1     
Ezra Day 1     
Grace Day 1     
Hall Day 1     
Jamie Day 1     
Kelly Day 1     
Lori Day 1     
Marisol Day 1     
Noelle Day 1     
Reed Day 1     
Simone Day 1     
Theo Day 1  Day 21   
Warren Day 1  Day 14   
Patrick Day 1  Day 7   
Head of Household
Power of Veto POV

Madhouse (stylized as M A D H O U S E) is an Online Reality Game created by Justlncorporated.

Format Edit

15 strangers from across the United States have consented to participate in a social experiment constructed by Surreal Innovation, a private research company. The goal of the research is to put these participants in a situation of heightened stress, paranoia, and physical deprivation in order to test the human spirit. For an unspecified number of days, these participants will be cut off from the outside world and, unbeknownst to them, will be playing a game that will surely push them to their limits.

Although the experiment will follow the rules of the U.S. Big Brother, this game takes place in a world where the show does not exist and some rules are relaxed (for example, Power of Veto competitions are played by all as opposed to the HoH, the two nominated players and three selected by random draw)

Surreal Innovation Edit

Surreal Innovation is an unknown research company who will conduct the experiments. Areas of the company include Development, Research, Psychology, Analysis, Functionality, Metrics, Directives, Physical Liabilities, Response, Security, Facilities and Interior Design.

Surreal Innovation
Mrdowney Msdelray Mrbutler Mshendricks
Robert Downey, Jr.
VP of Operations
Lana Delray
Head of Development
Gerard Butler
Head Researcher
Christina Hendricks
Head Psychologist
Surreal Innovation
Mskelly Msknowles Mrshanks
Minka Kelly
Senior Analytic Supervisor
Beyonce Knowles
Functionality Specialist
Michael Shanks
Senior Metrics Engineer
Mrruffalo Msripoll Mrhutch
Mark Ruffalo
Lead Directives Consultant
Shakira Ripoll
Physical Liability Supervisor
Josh "Hutch" Hutcherson
Central Response Coordinator
Msswift Mrbryan Msbilson
Taylor Swift
Product Security Director
Luke Bryan
Facility Operator
Rachel Bilson
Interior Design Specialist

Summary Edit

Events are in chronological order, each week the HouseGuests will be subjected to an aspect of the human mind.

Week 1
  • The fifteen HouseGuests entered Madhouse and were tasked with their first competition of the season "Pyramid of Power" which was won by Kelly who became the first Head of Household. In a twist, Grace and Hall received Immunity for placing second and third.
  • At the nomination ceremony, Kelly nominated Patrick and Reed based on who he personally felt connected with the least.
  • All HouseGuests competed in the first Power of Veto "Elation & Enmity" which was won by Kelly.
  • At the veto ceremony, Kelly didn't use the Power of Veto, keeping Patrick & Reed on the block.
  • The first eviction saw a 6-6 tie occur, leading to an argument between Marisol, Simone and Hall.
  • Kelly broke the tie and evicted Patrick with the final tally of 7-6.
  • HoH: Pyramid of Power: The HouseGuests must distribute points among themselves in a pyramid structure with the person at the top receiving one point, all the way down to five people receiving five points. The HouseGuest with the least amount of points will win. The two who place second and third respectively will become immune for the week.
  • PoV: Elation & Enmity: Each of the HouseGuests completed a personality quiz before entering Madhouse, based on these results the HouseGuest must decide who is the most compatible with another HouseGuest and that will be scored by the results. The HouseGuest who accumulates the greatest amount of points will win.
  • Ashleigh, Clark, Ezra, Grace, Hall, Jamie, Kelly, Lori, Marisol, Noelle, Patrick, Reed, Simone, Theo & Warren entered the compound on Night 1.
  • On Day 7, Patrick was evicted from MadHouse.
Week 2
  • HouseGuests competed in the second Head of Household "Motion in the Ocean" which Grace won. Both Reed & Hall were disqualified from this competition.
  • At the nomination ceremony, Grace nominated Simone and Theo for eviction basing it as the best decision for her in the game.
  • At the Power of Veto Competition "Pixel Picasso" HouseGuests bid USD$ to accumulate points, based on what room you were in determined the amount given;
    • Ezra, Hall, Theo, Simone, Jamie, Grace & Lori were given $124 for either being in the HoH Bedroom or Green Bedroom.
    • Marisol, Ashleigh & Clark were given $122 for being in the bed in the Yellow Bedroom.
    • Noelle, Kelly & Reed were given $120 for being on the floor in the Yellow Bedroom.
  • Theo won the Power of the Veto.
  • At the Veto Ceremony, Theo decided to use the Power of Veto on himself. Grace nominated Warren as the replacement.
  • The second eviction saw Warren evicted from MadHouse in a 10-1 vote.
  • HoH: Motion in the Ocean: A variation of the boardgame "Battleship" in which HouseGuests must place markers on their individual board and begin attacking other squares to attempt a hit. The person with the greatest amount of coins (or who has eliminated the greatest amount of coins in a tie-break) will win.
  • PoV: Pixel Picasso: Sixteen portraits modernized in Microsoft Paint had Picasso been alive to use the program are scattered throughout MadHouse, they represent either an idiom, famous quote, common phrase or popular expression. HouseGuests were also given a certain amount of USD$ to bid for points if successful ($4 = 4 points) the HouseGuest who earns the greatest amount will win.
  • On Day 14, Warren was evicted from MadHouse.
Week 3
  • HouseGuests were informed that this week was Paranoia and that both HoH and PoV winners would remain a mystery. The HouseGuests then competed in their third Head of Household "Mad Match" with their identity not revealed.
  • At the nomination ceremony, the Mystery Head of Household nominated Clark and Hall.
  • The Power of Veto competition "Cross Examined" was won but their identity was not revealed.
  • At the Power of Veto ceremony, the Mystery HouseGuest chose to use the Veto on Hall. The HoH nominated Theo in their place.
  • The third eviction saw Theo evicted in a 6-4 vote, which resulted in Hall confronting Jamie.
  • HoH: Mad Match: HouseGuests are given fifteen prompts and a number of cards. It is up to them to match up who they believe will be in the minority of the house, the player who scores the highest amount of minority answers (or who answered the top selected card in the event of a tie) will become the new Head of Household though the winner is not revealed publically.
  • PoV: Cross Examined: HouseGuests are given a series of puzzles that relate to a different subject matter, the HouseGuest to correctly complete the puzzles in the fastest time will win.
  • On Day 21, Theo was evicted from MadHouse.
Week 4
  • HouseGuests competed in their forth Head of Household competition "Balloon Bonanza" which was won by Kelly.
  • At the nomination ceremony, Kelly nominated Noelle and Jamie for eviction. Noelle due to the two having a connection in the house and not being forthcoming with him, Jamie was nominated in part to the unnecessary drama and a lack of respect for her game.
  • The Power of Veto competition "2nd Christmas" was won by TBC.
  • HoH: Balloon Bonanza: HouseGuest must catch a number of Balloons which have been scattered around the MadHouse garden. The HouseGuest that earns the most overall will win.
  • PoV: 2nd Christmas: Seven presents have been left in MadHouse, each with a different prize inside; Power of Veto, Immunity for Week 6, Competition Helper, Grenade, Public Vote, Sit Out Of Veto and Mystery. The HouseGuests are given thirty minutes to post continuously within a thread based off a bet pre-made before the competition. The top seven performers will have the presents divided among them, which includes this weeks Power of Veto.
  • On Day 28, TBC was evicted from MadHouse.

Voting History Edit

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Eviction
Head of
Kelly Grace Unknown[1] Kelly Grace
Veto Winner Kelly Theo Unknown[2] Noelle
Ashleigh Ashleigh
Ezra Ezra Nominated
Grace Grace Head of
Head of
Hall Hall POV
Kelly Kelly Patrick Head of
Lori Lori
Marisol Marisol Nominated 1
Noelle Noelle POV
Reed Reed Nominated Nominated 10
Simone Simone Nominated Nominated 1
Clark Clark Nominated Nominated Evicted
(Day 28)
Jamie Jamie Nominated Evicted
(Day 28)
Theo Theo POV Nominated Evicted
(Day 21)
Warren Warren Nominated Evicted
(Day 14)
Patrick Patrick Nominated Evicted
(Day 7)

Trivia Edit

References Edit

  1. Due to the Paranoia theme in week three, the Head of Household was not publicly announced.
  2. Due to the Paranoia theme in week three, the Power of Veto was not publicly announced.
  3. Both Clark & Reed received two strikes and were instantly put up for eviction

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